ONG-CD Civ Ops guide Oregon coalition to DFC Grant

​Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Such is the case in Oregon City, Ore., where Master Sgt. Bobby Vickery, Oregon National Guard Counterdrug Program (ONGCD) Civil Operations, coached the Oregon City Together (OCT) coalition to a 2013 $600,000 Drug Free Communities Grant.

"If you include the required matching dollars, the community will apply over a million dollars to addressing substance abuse related issues," Master Sgt. Curtis Hanock, National Guard Civil Operations chief, said.

Being chosen as a grant recipient is the culmination of work that began in 2011 when community volunteers came together to form OCT. Their goal was to form a sustainable coalition dedicated to reducing substance use in Oregon City. Developing such an enterprise takes coordination, cooperation and dedication. Consequently, OCT, in an effort to put together the best possible enterprise, called on the Oregon National Guard Counterdrug Task Force Civil Operations team to coach them.

Enter Master Sgt. Robert Vickery. He took the lead and facilitated the creation of OCT's vision and mission statements while coaching the coalition's steering committee through the Strategic Prevention Framework process. Master Sgt. Vickery's guidance included the needs assessment process, the problem assessment, understanding strategy implementation, developing an interventions map, and developing an action plan. In addition, Vickery assisted the coalition's use of root cause analysis and helped them select strategies based on those root causes to create community change.

"As a forming coalition with limited resources, having Bobby's guidance and insight into the process was crucial," Elizabeth Russell, coalition coordinator, said.

Vickery's efforts enabled the coalition to develop a model of change commonly known as a logic model. This logic model visually depicted the local substance use conditions of the community.

"Bobby's ongoing input on the coalition's core processes for decision-making and capacity building has been an essential part of our growing strength as a prevention coalition," Russell said.